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Dr Arjun Srirampur MS(Ophthal), FRCS(Glasgow, UK), FCAS(LVPEI)

Specialist in Dry Eyes Treatment

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Shree Meenakshi Eye Hospital in Nallakunta, Hyderabad. Offer expert services to treat your dry eyes problem.

Tears is to maintain the health of the cornea of your eye by cleaning foreign particles, and maintains eye condition moist, smooth, and clear.

Tears also rinse away dust particles from your eyes and contain enzymes that protect your eyes from bacteria that can cause infections.

Dry eye disease is a condition that leads your eyes to be constantly dry, itchy, and scratchy, and it can even cause eye strain.

Dry eye syndrome is caused by many reasons:

  • Improper tear production
  • medical side effects
  • hormone fluctuations
  • low tear quality

  • When you have dry eyes, one of the most common symptoms is severely dry eyes few other symptoms include burning, redness, stinging and itchy eyes.

    Dry eyes syndrome may be seen as common issue but if we neglect it may lead to other eye related problems. Early treatment may save your vision from dry eye syndrome.

    Dr Arjun Srirampur MS(Ophthal), FRCS (UK), FCAS (LVPEI) expert eye doctor at Shree Meenakshi Eye Hospital, Nallakunta, Hyderabad.

    We are experts in dry eye treatment and offers the most advanced diagnostic and treatment methods. Our specialist eye doctor takes you through a clinical examination of your eyes and recommend the best treatment to correct and treat dry eye syndrome.

    To have crystal clear vision. Book an appointment today to get your dry eyes treated.

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